*Photography courtesy of    Jered Scott   . Hire him to shoot you.

*Photography courtesy of Jered Scott. Hire him to shoot you.


I am a Creative Director specializing in podcasting, multimedia & social marketing, organizational leadership, communications, and messaging creativity.

I live in San Juan Capistrano, CA. Some place warm, a place where the beer flows like wine, where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano.

I am married with three kids. Therefore, I will always meet to drink coffee, craft beer, or bourbon.

I am available for hire for consulting or on a contractual freelance basis to convert your brilliant moment to a brilliant movement.

Let's chat.


What Do My Clients Say…

Andy gave me my first official design job while I was finishing up my art degree. As my Creative Director he made a huge impression on me not only as a creative, but also as a person. He taught me to work with diligence and pushed me to hone in on my full creative potential. His enthusiasm and passion for design and other media inspired me to do my best. Andy is a true visionary. Anyone would be lucky to work with him. He is still to this day my favorite creative director I've had the privilege of working with.

Makenzie Riley | Makenzie Riley Design

Andy is amazing to work with! Andy is incredibly talented and he is so willing to share his creativity and help other people shine. He made my website look fantastic and he always has great suggestions and ideas. He makes having a podcast so easy and fun. Andy is the type of person that can draw out the best in people. Tell him your idea and he will make it 10x better and come to life.

Michelle Sullivan | Advocate Like a Mother Podcast

Andy is an amazingly talented artist. I worked with him at 2 churches and he helped me begin The VOX Podcast. He is a strategic, high-level thinker who did many different things in his various roles: branding, production, website, social media, music, photography, video and audio set up and production. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone - he has been a huge help to me personally and professionally.

Mike Erre - The VOX Podcast

Andy created my company logo and nailed it on the first try. He also took some great photos of my cookie designs that I needed to setup my new website. He was creative with all the photo compositions and made sure all the details were exactly how I envisioned. After I added the content for the website, he reviewed/gave feedback on how it was put together to ensure flow and ease of navigation. Additionally, he helped me integrate my Facebook and Instagram page with the website to maximize my business's exposure. His approach was very professional and he was very patient with me as this was my first time launching my own website. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking to bring to life the vision you have for your company!

Christina Clausen | Baked by CC


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