Experience & Services | Andy Lara


Creative Director


  • VOX Community > 2016-2019

  • EvFree Fullerton > 2014-2016

  • The Shoreline Church of San Clemente > 2012-2014 (Untitled CD, same workload)



  • Carry the Fire Podcast > 2019 - Current

  • The Lucky Few Podcast > 2018 - Current

  • Advocate Like a Mother Podcast > 2018 - Season 1

  • Be Free Indeed Podcast > 2018

Producer | Co - Host:

  • The VOX Podcast with Mike Erre > 2015-2018

I offer full scale production including and not limited to development-to-launch strategy, week to week producing and editing, studio build outs, Patreon development, website builds, team development, tutorials, and training (remote and local). Podcasting since 2015 my shows have accumulated over 2 million downloads and continue to represent critical points of engagement monetarily, platform, and cultural reach.

As many of the social media spaces become saturated with bite-size audio/image bits, the world of podcasting offers space to develop story and what it means to be engaged in an active and meaningful way in your community both online and offline. If you are business and have not considered a podcast, the time is now. Research is showing us that podcast listeners are the strongest promoters of your brand and have the highest retention toward your products, paid memberships, and social sharing. In addition, advertising opportunities continue to skyrocket as the industry is still growing having only generated $314 million YTD. Every week 10,000 podcasts are added to Apple Podcasts. Not to worry as you wont rely on discovery there, but that means that Podcasting is not a media outlet to ignore.

Research & Resources

Video Production

Previous Clients:

  • Just Like Me Foundation

  • Child Guidance Center

  • Kreed Eyewear

  • ALOVE Surfboards

  • Capo Beach Christian School

  • San Clemente Christian School

  • These Numbers Have Faces

  • Stand to Reason

  • Jadon Lavik

  • A Christmas Together

  • Sandbox Helmets

  • Walking on Water Films : Beyond Sight with Derek Rabelo & Promised Land Movie

  • Donna Jones

  • Life Together with Brett Eastman

  • Jered Scott Photography

  • Kevin Du Toit Century 21 Real Estate

  • Chariot Films


I have been a photographer since 1999 providing band photography for half a decade prior to integrating my skills into my job roles as a Creative Director. Learning on film from Fullerton College I have an expansive knowledge on camera technology, creative use and technical execution. Most importantly, I desire to always seek to provide maximum integrity for my subjects, evoking the true spirit of it’s captured intent.